Look Up in the Sky!
It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!
No, It’s a Drone! Overseas, camera-carrying unmanned
aircraft — used in Sylvester Stallone’s
Expendables 3 — are taking off, but in
the U.S. a debate rages even though
they promise cost savings and safer sets
By Carolyn Giardina

In the beginning of this year, 2014, we completed the assembly of our latest filming platform, the new AX8 octocopter. For the first time we used T-Motor powerplants as well as T-Motor full carbon props. The products shout "quality" even at...first glance. It is easy to see the extensive attention to detail and the design of the boxes. The motors are neatly packed including all the necessary prop mounts, while the props came in luxurious black velvet bags.
We are celebrating 5th year of hard working to deliver best multicopter motors to community. 
We are proud we can deliver professional and reliable equipment always.
And now, for beginners and a bit more advanced hobbyists
We offer best value motors in our 5th Anniversary Special Edition Pack.

The well-anticipated 2014 Nuremberg Toy Fair held from January 29th - February 3rd. This exhibition achieved resounding success. Approximately 2,700 hobby, toy, and crafts manufacturers from 62 countries are displaying a wide variety of products, which range from plastic models, R/C models, and miniature cars to train models, stuffed animals, and handicraft items.
As one of the world’s largest and well-deserved commercial value of the professional exhibition, it clearly shows the prosperity of world (especially Europe) toy market. Visitors from different countries were impressed by the quality of T-Motor products. Some of our current customers also meet us in the fair and give valuable suggestions. T-Motor achieved rapid development with the support of worldwide customers. We appreciate the more effort and cooperation, the more success with all of you together.

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