Two flights were achieved to demonstrate that multi-rotor aircraft can stay in the air carrying a payload for a long period of time.  While 20 minute flights were considered long in 2014, these demonstration flights show that 1 hour flights can be the norm.  Imagine the increase in commercial applications when it is common for ships to stay in the air for an hour or more carrying different payloads.  It's just a matter of finding good rotors (Tiger), flight control electronics (3DR), batteries (Panasonic Li-Ion), ESCs, and removing unnecessary weight.  Once industry realizes the importance of performance, we will also see a jump in rotor and ESC net-lift efficiency (lift after it gets itself off the ground first).

After several days waiting,we finally embraced the birth of the Air Gear 350 Multirotor Driving equipment set

Meanwhile we have taken a wonderful video for the Air Gear 350.
Please find the splendid video through the following links.


In the beginning of this year, 2014, we completed the assembly of our latest filming platform, the new AX8 octocopter. For the first time we used T-Motor powerplants as well as T-Motor full carbon props. The products shout "quality" even at...first glance. It is easy to see the extensive attention to detail and the design of the boxes. The motors are neatly packed including all the necessary prop mounts, while the props came in luxurious black velvet bags.
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